• Image of Make Portland Normal Sticker

The sticker that started the craze that is sweeping the clean streets of Portland. Now you can represent proudly to help convert the weird masses of Portland into nice, normal, orderly citizens.

Stickers are screenprinted on high quality 4mil vinyl. Put one of these on the back of your high-cost, likely new motor vehicle and you are sure to capture the hearts of your fellow motorists. Perhaps place one onto your reusable water bottle and win the affection of your officemates. There are tens of possibilities for this wonderful piece of propaganda.

You are buying three (3) 4.25" x 2.75" stickers. Shipping is $1. If you want more than 3 stickers, just add multiple packs into your cart and I'll add free stickers accordingly (e.g. order two 3-packs and get 3 add'l stickers for FREE!)

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